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Flower TLC

Preserved Flowers Care Advice


  • Keep them away from sunlight, direct winds, and humid place as the petals will become semi-transparent

  • Keep them away from water

  • Use a blower in cool and slow wind to blow softly 20cm away from the flower if it is dusty.
  • Don'ts

  • Do not press, bend, or squash the petals or stems. They're delicate and can be easily damaged!

  • Do not spray water on them
  • Fresh Flowers Care Advice


  • Trim the flower stems at least a 2 to 3cm at 45-degree angle to help them absorb more water and stay fresh longer (cut them a little daily)

  • Get rid of any browning or wilting flowers. Keep what’s good

  • Change the water daily
  • Don'ts

  • Place your flowers out of direct sunlight or heat

  • Avoid placing your flowers beside ripening fruit or vegetables, especially bananas and apples.
  • Phalaenopsis Care Advice


  • Water once every 7-10 days

  • Any airy and breezy location without direct sunlight is ideal. To moderate humidity, a cup of water can be placed beside the plant.

  • Ideal temperature ranges from 20 -28 degree Celsius.

  • They are very sensitive to extreme humidity. Humidity level must be maintained at 50% - 80%.
  • Don'ts

  • Over watering will result in plant wilt

  • Keep them away from direct sunlight

  • Avoid exposing them to ethylene or cigarette smoke as it will age and prematurely
  • Number your Flowers

    Language of Flowers

    Name of flowers Message
    Let our love flourish
    Your're prefect & elegant
    I'm waiting
    Amaryllis (Hippeastrium)
    I'm proud of you; pride
    Anthurium - Red
    Blessed with happiness
    Anthurium - White
    Think of me
    Baby's Breath (Gypsophila)
    Sincerely; Pure & Tender
    Bird of Paradise (Streutzia)
    Save, free spirit
    Butterfly Orchid (Phataenopsis)
    You're always on my mind
    Camation - Pink
    Montherly love
    Camation - Red
    I hold you in high esteem, respect
    Camation - Yellow
    Enjoy the moment
    Eremurus (Foxtail Lily)
    I hold you in high esteem
    FreesiaGerberas - Red
    You're lovely in every way
    Gerberas - Red
    Unconscious in love
    Gerberas - White
    Innocence; truth
    Gerberas - Yellow
    I'll try harder to win your love
    Gerberas - Orange
    You're the sunshine of my life
    Strength of character
    Passion, Thinking of you
    I'll try again
    Lily (Casalanca)
    I'm in heaven when I'm with you
    Lily (Stargazer)
    I see heaven in your eyes
    Lily - White
    My love is pure & innocent
    Lily - Yellow
    Live for the moment
    Lily - Orange
    I'm honoured to have your love
    Lily of the vally (Calla)
    I want you in my arms; hopeful
    Achievement; reach your goal
    Rose - Champagne
    You're tender & loving
    Rose - Mini
    Playful, young at heart
    Rose - Pink
    I declare my love to you
    Rose - Red
    Passionate love
    Rose - Black
    You're my obsession
    Rose - White
    I'm worthy of you; purity
    Rose - Yellow
    I'm not worthly of your love
    Rose - Orange
    You're my secret love
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